Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Q: What is

Ans: a new website for those who have concept about CAD/CAM and need 3d models for their CAD/CAM Software.


Q: Who can buy 3dmodels?

Ans: Those who have their CNC machines like CNC engraving, CNC router, CNC milling, 3d printer or other type of CNC machines. These 3d models can be use easy and quickly on CNC machine. You can be an Engraver, a Jeweler, a Sign Maker or a CNC operator you can buy and purchase.


Q: Can I use 3d models in my own CAD/CAM software; is it friendly open in any CAD/CAM software?

Ans: Yes the format of 3d file can be open easily in your CAD/CAM software.


Q: Which format of file I will receive?

Ans: Basically we provide STL and IGES format, if you need another format for your CAD/CAM we can also provide free of cost with your required format.


Q: How I will Purchase?

Ans: Just login to our website, Add to cart your selected model, the details will be needed to complete the transaction. The message will be sent to the website owner via email address. Follow by a message from the website owner to the buyer and the payment process begins by paying through bank transfer or any payment methods available on the website. After confirm the payment an email link will be sent to you where you can download the selected model by link. And you download it successfully.


Q: How I will pay?

Ans: See payment methods.


Q: Can you provide the 3d model of an image that I have? How much duration and Cost?

Ans: Yes we can develop any image into 3d model, duration and cost is depending on the complexity of model.


Q: If I have a 3d model and can't open by my CAD/CAM software can you convert to my software format?

Ans: Yes we can convert in any format that you need, you will cost little bit.


Q: Can your company working on 3d laser scanning data and convert a STL mesh file to surfaces?

Ans: Yes we have facility to convert any STL file to surfaces.


Q: I have a 3d object file but can't understand the mold, that how i make core/cavity can your company provides this type of facility?

Ans: Yes Cnc3dmodels company do any type of core/cavity molding in 3d modeling. Cnc3dmodels provides core/cavity split 3d model.


Q: How much duration of file download link?

Ans: The downloadable link will be expiring after 24 to 48 hours.


Q: Can you send the file via email?

Ans: Some file have a large size , the file size is less than 25 Mb then the file will be sent you by email, if the file is greater than 25 Mb then a link will be provide you and will download the file from the link.


Q: Can your company provide NC file making facility?

Ans: Yes Cnc3dmodels provide NC file making facility for any type of mold for your CNC machine.


Cnc Machine

Cnc machine stands for Computer Numerical Control The 3d models are used by CNC Machines, for manufacturing, and ideas developing in your real life.